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Company Profile

Master & Frank was founded in 1973, with the beliefs of mastering all business challenges and being frank with all customers. Therefore, the company is proudly named Master & Frank. With 50 years operation, three manufacturing plants located in mainland China (Dongguan), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), and Taiwan (Yilan).

Being the experienced manufacturer of disposable medical products for operation room use, also providing extensive range of protective apparels from headwear to footwear to offer total solution With your support, we will keep growing. Our goal is simple: Do business honestly and meet customers' satisfaction.

  • Surgical Gown Series
  • Surgical Drape Series
  • Surgical Kits & Pack series
  • Protection Apparels
  • Face Mask Series

Our Core Value

Do business honestly and meet customers' satisfaction.

Working safety and health


Highest ethical behavior


Environment friendly


Respect for people (Human Right)


Quality control and cheerful


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High Quality Care

We create a clean and safe production environment, offering high and stable quality products accredited with the ISO13485: 2016, CE(MDR), FDA, 510K and GMP quality systems to the world. We also offer Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Service for Single Use Medical Devices

Headquarter and Production Plants:


Taipei, Taiwan

Production Plant:

Yilan, Taiwan

Production Plant:

Dongguan, China

Production Plant: