Protection Apparels & Isolation Gown Series

Coverall series

Coverall series

Meet the requirements of EN14126, AAMI standards

  • All size available according customers’ specification
  • Fabric options: Spunbond, SMMS, Water Resistant Lamination
More protection appareals we offer:

More protection appareals we offer:

  • Instrument Cover
  • Footwear: Shoe Cover / High Knee Boots / Stockinette
  • Headwear: Bouffant Cap / Surgical Cap / Google Protective Eyewear
  • Isolation gown: Customized specification design and fabric, spunbond and SMS, for options
  • Thump-up PE Gown: Material tested against ASTM F1670 / F1671
  • Scrub Suit: Soft & Comfortable fabric use